philly detours is under construction.

Please pardon our dust.

Hi, and thanks for visiting! phillydetours is currently in PHASE 1: RESEARCH & CONSTRUCTION. If you'd like to be kept in the loop as things develop, you can join the mailing list below. Or you can follow my personal instagram (@jbokid) for visual glimpses of the things I'm up to and thinking about.

Things I need in the meantime:

  1. $$$. Kickstarter coming soon. Start saving your pieces of paper featuring wealthy landed white men we call the "founding fathers."

  2. Free trial runs. I hope to be giving them in various forms by mid-October. Wanna come? Join the mailing list.

  3. Connections. If this project reminds you of someone or something you know in Philadelphia or elsewhere, let me know. I’m looking to cast the net wide.

  4. Send me a 1-3 sentence description of how you felt in your American History class.