Welcome to this site for Philly Detours—an electronic space on a thing called the internet, which continues to change the face of the planet as we live on it. My name is Jenna Horton and I live in Philadelphia, PA, USA, Earth.

Three years ago I quit my job as a part-time tour guide for a private company in Philadelphia’s history district. I guided school groups and private tours around the Independence National Historic Park (INHP) area, otherwise known as “The Birthplace of America.”

My response to that experience?

The Detour.

The Detour considers what it means to be a tourist.
The Detour favors question over answer, dialogue over monologue.
The Detour is unofficial and unsanctioned.
The Detour is 30% less stuffy, 15% stand up comedy, and 20% more who knows.
The Detour prescribes to horizontality over verticality.
The Detour releases story from singularity.
The Detour constructs and destructs.
The Detour does many things I have no idea about